halloween safety tips for cats

Cat Halloween Safety

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Halloween Safety Tips for Cats & Kittens

With Halloween coming soon I thought I might share some tips to help you and your feline friend have a fun and SAFE Halloween!
  • Costumes - make sure your cat or kitten is open to the idea! Forcing a costume on a pet can only cause problems. Wait until your cat is a calm state if you decide to dress them up. Also, please make sure that whatever mask you put on your cat has holes big enough for them to see through and breathe.

    If you buy a costume, do not put it on your cat right away. Try and wean him into it by draping the costume over their backs for a little bit while giving them treats. Do it for a few seconds at first and then longer. Please do not agitate your cat and buy pet-safe costumes only!

    • No Chocolate, No Candy - Do not give it to your cat or kitten. It can be deadly. Same goes for the wrappers. Do not leave candy wrappers where your cat can get to them. Tin foil can get stuck in your cat's digestive tract .
    • Watch out for Candles - Cats love to knock stuff down, so please be sure to not leave any lighted candles or Jack-O-Lanterns where they could be knocked over by your feline friend. Danger here is to your home and to your cat.
    • Manage Your Cat's Stress - Remember that constant ringing of the door bell, the door knocking and the constant shouts of "trick or treat" may cause your cat to experience some stress. It might not be a bad idea to keep your feline friend somewhere nice and cozy and out of the way, perhaps in a room or den where he / she will not be bothered by the commotion outside.
    • The ID collar - The opening and closing of the door only increases the chances your kitty may get out of the house. Please be sure to put an ID collar or tag on your cat so he can make it back home.

    Please visit KittenCare's emergency links for additional information.

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