summer tips for cats

Summer Tips for
Cats & Kittens

Dear Simba,
It is getting hot outside.
Do you have any tips to help us keep our cat Chichi cool and safe this summer? Sunny

Dear Sunny,
What a wonderful name you have! Ok, with summer here you need to be on high alert for signs of danger. Be sure to watch out for panting, as this and lethargy could be indicative of heat related problems. Call your vet if you notice those symptoms. Below are some tips to help you and Chichi out this summer:

Cats Love Fresh, Cool Water

There is little that is more important than ensuring your cat is well hydrated. Make sure you leave out a fresh bowl of water every day for Chichi. If possible place more than one bowl around your home so as to make the water more accessible to her. Also, Brushed Anti-tip Dog & Cat Bowls, are an excellent way to ensure that the only place the water goes to are the bowl and Chichi. Another thing to consider is putting ice cubes in the water bowl to keep it cool. See more hydration tips here.

Proper Air Circulation is Key for Cats

Make sure your home is well ventilated. If you have an Air Conditioner leave it at a reasonable temperature during the day. In addition, ceiling fans and 'child-proof' fans are a great way to keep the air fresh. A well placed fan can make the ambient temperature seem 20 degrees cooler!

If you do not have an air conditioner or fans, open a window at both ends of your home, so as to the let air circulate in the house. Kitty will greatly appreciate it. However, be sure that you do not open the window such that kitty gets

Groom Cats for Summer Comfort

Brush your cats hair with a cat brush so as to remove the excess fur. DO NOT shave your cat or anything of the like. Chichi's fur will naturally decrease in fullness during the summer months. In addition, the fur works as a cooling insulation and helps keep your cat safe from sun exposure. See more grooming tips in Simba's Grooming section.

Outdoor Dangers for Cats and Kittens

Since many cats go outside it is very important that you be aware of some of the risks particular to the summer months.
weight management for kittens so that your cat does not get fat
Water Fountain
One of these is coolant. Auto coolant is deadly. It is a sad thing but many cats die each year after stepping in coolant and then licking it off their paws. Another thing to note is that asphalt can get very hot during the summer and could burn your cat's paws. In addition, many folks treat their lawns. Unfortunately, many of these chemicals are dangerous to cats and could lead to poisoning. I hope this helps. As always, consult with your vet for any concerns you have relating to your cat. He/she is best positioned to help you out. I hope this helps. Simba

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