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Mute Cats and Kittens

Does your cat have problem meowing? Is he Mute after surgery or suddenly unable to make noise? Read below and learn about kitten voice problems. you are not alone.

Kitten Unable to Meow

Hi Simba,
We recently adopted a 6-week-old kitten and he does not "meow".
He will open his mouth and simulate the action. He appears to be trying, but nothing comes out. Once in a while He will connect and get one out. I worry that he will get into trouble and not be able to call for help. Is this something He will learn how to do, or is there something wrong with him? Thanks. - Amy

Dear Amy,
Poor little guy! I wonder if the kitten strained his vocal chordsor was born with a slight disability. Either way,check his medical records for any mention.
Because your kitten is so young, I recommend that you not let him have run of the house, especially if you are not home during the day. The best way to avoid trouble is to prevent it. Check out Feeding Kittens for information on what, how and when to feed your new friend. Let me know how the little guy comes along. Simba

PS Amy writes that kitten's meower works fine now. He will at times still mouth his cry, but for the most part, he is pretty vocal.

Mute Cat

Dear Simba,
Our cat is 9-months-old. His parents were brother and sister. He is beautiful and sweet and mute. He occasionally tries to meow but all that comes out is air. We know he has vocal cords since we have heard him let loose when he is gotten in skirmishes with our other cats. Leo has always been this way. Is it possible he feels inadequate or insecure because of his inability to meow? He appears anxious and is mentally slow. We call him our 'special kitty' and he is loved by all. Can you enlighten us? Kathy
Dear Kathy,
I doubt that Leo feels inadequate in any way. If he is loved and cared for like he appears to be he is probably a well-adjusted and happy feline.

As you know, cats that had little human contact as a small kittens are prone to be more anxious and less quick than their feline peers. The degree of in-breeding may play a factor as well, although one generation is not enough to cause problems. Your Pal, Simba

Mute after Medical Treatment

My neutered cat has had diarrhea on and off for 2 months and was given an antibiotic. He is very large, active, and bright-eyed. He recently lost his voice and can no longer meow. The vet said this is common. Have you ever heard of it? Terri

Dear Terri,
I have not heard of a cat losing his voice due to antibiotics. I recommend that you see if he has swallowed anything. Monitor his eating and drinking habits for any changes in quantities ingested or for difficulty he may be experiencing. You may want to get a second opinion. As for his diarrhea, be sure to rule out a parasitic infection. Your vet can help you with this. Simba

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